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July 21, 2016    1:15 PM

The amount of unstructured time is one of the major differences between high school and college. In high school, you may have felt that you were constantly scheduled, with very few breaks. In college your classes may be spaced out during the day, with free time between each class. Or they may be bunched up into a few days, mornings, or afternoons, leaving large periods of "leisure" time. Sound good? The challenge is managing your "free" time. There can be many demands on this time: studying, attending clubs, eating, working, and exercising, just to name a few. It is up to you to work it out. Here's a bit of advice many experienced college students offer: Don't procrastinate. There is nothing worse than approaching the end of a semester and realizing you have an impossible mountain of work to do. By all means, have a good time-but keep in mind why you are in college in the first place.

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Website LogoFor around 20 years The Christian Connector has been providing free Christian college information to students and their families. We work with about 75 different Christian colleges each year, providing a "connection" point between students seeking Christian college information and the Christ-centered schools. Students who sign up for our free Christian College Information Service will receive information from a variety of Christian colleges throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a school close to your home, or on the other side of the country, The Christian Connector can help! We hope you'll take advantage of all of the free resources we have to offer. By taking advantage of the Christian college information service, you are also entered in the $2,500 Christian College Scholarship Drawing. The variety of programs, majors, and options you'll find at today's Christian college campuses can provide exciting and challenging opportunities for your college career.

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